May Day 2007: Si Se Puede! It Can Be Done!

All Together Defending the Rights of All!

Across the U.S., spirited and determined demonstrations of hundreds of thousands of workers took place on May Day, international day of the working class. In L.A., Chicago and New York City, in Miami and Boston, in Dallas, Houston and San Antonio, in Denver, Phoenix, Seattle and Portland, in Detroit, Minneapolis, and many many more cities and towns, working people stood as one to demand their rights. Everywhere the stand that An Injury to One is an Injury to All could be seen. The actions denounced deportations, detentions and the brutal separation of families. They stood against racism and war, against profiling and the terrorism of the government. Many women with children and youth joined in, rejecting the demand that youth join the military and demanding education and healthcare. Broad opposition to criminalization, not only of undocumented workers, but of the youth in their high schools, farmers in the fields, factory workers contending with raids and attacks on their unions, could be seen. United, all together, protesters said We Defend the Rights of All!

In New York City, immigrant workers from many countries poured into the streets with their flags and signs. Whether Polish or Peruvian, Haitian or Filipino, Pakistani or El Salvadoran, Chinese or Irish, together they stood against government impunity. They opposed the many attacks on their rights in the U.S. and also opposed U.S. interference and aggression in their home countries. Numerous community and immigrant rights organizations also made their presence known, as did the many anti-war activists who joined the actions. Participants reflected the broad spirit that through building resistance, the peoples will win, chanting Si Se Puede! It Can Be Done! Nowhere did government efforts to silence or intimidate the peoples prevail.

In Chicago, the many tens of thousands of workers, many of Mexican origin were joined by a large Arab contingent and many other workers and youth. Unions were also present in large numbers, including UNITE HERE! with a big contingent of mostly women workers and Service Employees International Union (SEIU). The street was filled from sidewalk to sidewalk with flags, signs and banners. With many drums beating and bands playing and all marching together, what stood out was the reality of one American working class united with all humanity. There was broad support for the slogan raised, One Humanity, One Struggle! Una Lucha, Una Humanidad!

In Los Angeles hundreds of thousands again turned out to defend the rights of all, with broad opposition to attacks on immigrants in the forefront. Sign after sign demanded End the Raids and Deportations!No One is Illegal! Many indigenous groups with drums and dancers marched all along the route, invigorating participants. Despite efforts to block the youth with school lockdowns, many participated in the actions, as did mothers with young children. Los Angeles marchers also confronted police brutality as police charged marchers at the end of the rally, using tear gas and rubber bullets. Protesters retreated then re-emerged, undaunted and already organizing to further strengthen their resistance.

Worldwide the same determined spirit was evident. Throughout the Americas, in Africa, Asia and Europe, workers and oppressed peoples stood as one to say, We Are One Humanity Fighting for Another World!

Los Angeles


New York

Across the U.S.

Boston, MA; Jersey City, NJ

Orlando & Miami, Florida

Indianapolis, IN; Detroit, MI

San Antonio and Houston, TX

Phoenix, AZ; Denver, CO

Portland, OR; Seattle, WA

San Diego & San Francisco, CA

Around the World

Montreal & Vancouver, Canada

Mecico City, Mexico

Havana, Cuba

Port-au-Prince, Haiti; San Jose, Costa Rica

Panama City, Panama; Managua, Nicaragua; Tegucigalpa, Honduras

San Salvador, El Salvador; La Paz, Bolivia; Caracas, Venezuela

Quito, Ecuador; Valparaiso and Santiago, Chile

Paris, France; Lisbon, Portugal

Turin, Italy; Zurich, Switzerland

Cadiz and Roquetas del Mar, Spain

Berlin and Erfurt, Germany

Kiev, Ukraine; Moscow, Russia

Dakar, Senegal

Ankara, Turkey; Beirut, Lebanon

Palestine; Basra, Iraq

Bangalore & Hyderabad, India

Kathmandu, Nepal; Hong Kong, PRC

Seoul: Joint May Day actions between ROK and DPRK.

Jakarta, Indonesia; Manila, Philippines

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